Ceramic Drums by: Rhythms
In Nigeria the word UDU means pot in the IGBO language. Each Udu is handmade from ceramic clay. The Udu stereo has a double chamber and is played with the palm and fingers of your hands.
We conduct ceramic workshops, in a step by step format, on how to make various sizes of Udu drums. Including a model with skin drum head.
We specialize in providing training in ethnomusicological theory and history to young and old alike. Learn how to play various hand drums and percussions to express yourself by improvisation, an African method where music is not played the same way twice. Our program will expose you to African drum cultures and how it is adapted to the world of popular music today. We teach students of all levels, how to play the major music genres in the Americas. From Afro Cuban, Pan American Salsa, JazzSamba, Soca/Calypso, to Reggae and world beat Pop fusion. See some examples of our recent activities. 
Our workshops help you create ceramic drums using clay.